Sell your digital content to brands without waiting to get paid.

One platform to manage invoicing, content delivery, and finance management. Oh and its free.

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We create custom checkout pages for your content. This way brands can pay via Credit Card.


Copy the checkout link to your clipboard and send to any brands interested in purchasing your UGC.


Configure your desired bank account and deposit sales directly into your bank account with no fees.

Upload your UGC.

Upload your UGC and name a price. We generate a individualized checkout page that you can use to send to brands.

Generate a Checkout Page.

Send the checkout link to brands interested in purchasing your content. We take care of the delivery.

Brands can securely checkout using Stripe, we credit your account with the price you asked for.

Get paid when brands buy.

Configure your bank account within the app to transfer your funds upon sale of your content.

You get paid 100% of what you ask for.

Brands only get the content if they pay your invoice.

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